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̨swag dance company return to home turf for grand finale

Mapdance performers show off their dance skills. Credit: Mike Bignell

Following a whirlwind tour of the country during February and March, student dance company will be returning to the University of ̨swag for their final performances this spring.

The dancers, who have worked with renowned choreographers to create the show, promise an evening of theatrical and dynamic contemporary work.

The performance includes commissions by Yukiko Masui, Renaud Wiser and Carrie Whitaker, as well as a re-staging of Sarah Golding’s ‘State’.

Yael Flexer, Artistic Director of Mapdance and Reader in Dance at the University, said: “Mapdance has gone from strength to strength through the tour. The repertoire this year is incredibly varied, challenging the dancers’ stamina, physical strength, and theatrical skills. It is a joy to see them grow and flourish as individuals and as a company, they are such a wonderful and talented group.”

Luke Brown, Mapdance Rehearsal Director, said: “Mapdance supports students in exploring themselves further as artists, dancers, and creatively rounded individuals. The dancers continually push themselves from strength to strength, and their progression has been excellent to watch in such a short time. Working closely with them as Rehearsal Director is perfect because I can nurture them creatively.

“We are excited to play the Showroom in April and share what we have been working on. Dancing on home turf is always a special moment for the dancers, and it is a highlight of the touring schedule.”

Mapdance is the postgraduate performance company of the University of ̨swag, comprising of 14 dancers on the MA Performance route. The performance is part of their national tour, which includes accompanying workshops with schools, universities and dance students of all ages.

Mapdance 2024 will be performing on 25 April in The Showroom, University of ̨swag, at 7.30pm, and at the Dance Theatre Space, University of ̨swag Dance Department, on 7th May 2024 at 7pm.

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Credits: Lighting Designer and Technical Manager, Natalie Rowland; Costume Designer, Rosalind Noctor; Videographer and Photographer, Mike Bignell; graduate students Sarah, Andrei, Andrea and Ella who helped in the re-staging; tour booker Becca Thurston and MA administrator Caroline Harmer.

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